Microsoft Updates: Committed to three years of Surface Duo

Microsoft is pledging the Surface Pair to three years of Software upgrades. Microsoft is dedicated to promoting the latest Android Surface Duo phone with 3 year updates. “Surface Duo is provided for 3 years with OS and Software Updates,”

What you need to know?

The Surface Couple will get three years of monitoring and Software upgrades. The Google Pixel and numerous Samsung flagships have a common period of updates. Many vendors don’t stick to upgrades for Android smartphones for three years. Microsoft’s Surface Duo will provide three years of support as well as Software upgrades.

Microsoft has announced its intention to upgrade the Surface Duo to Android Authority for three years.

Microsoft had previously agreed to periodically upgrading the Surface Duo for both Software upgrades and protection patches, but had not stated how long help the system would be providing.

Microsoft told Android Authority that the Surface Duo “would be provided with Software and three-year protection upgrades.” Microsoft’s three-year pledge of improvements to the Surface Duo tie up with the Google Pixel, including other Samsung mobile smartphones like the Galaxy S10, S20, Note 10, including Note 20.

The Surface Pair begins at $1,400 and if Microsoft hadn’t dedicated changes for many years , people will really be angry. Within three years, certain organizations can only send software fixes, with no funding within significant changes to OS.

Two screens are better than one?

For an innovative dual-screen unit, Microsoft delves into the potential of foldables, showcasing two ultra-thin 5.6-inch AMOLED screens connected by a 360-degree hinge. This pocket able inking-enabled Android smartphone represents the newest in the mobile usability driven Surface series.

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